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Check out this online ad for the Bizjack Flemco production <b>THE MISLED ROMANCE OF CANNIBAL GIRL AND INCEST BOY</b> with our old pal Lloyd Kaufman of Troma films and featuring a little blurb from yours truly…

Read on to find out about the DVD release for this monumentally creative and thoroughly disturbed gem of indie splatstick!



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Richard Taylor and his Bizjack Flemco directing/producing partner Zach Beins have been making weird little short films for years. Crazy nuggets like DAVE THOMAS: FAST FOOD ACTION HERO, Blaxploitation animation treat SKIRT, and the phenomenal - and sacrilicious - spoof CSI Love Lucy. (check em’ out for yourself on the Bizjack Flemco YouTube page)

THE MISLED ROMANCE OF CANNIBAL GIRL AND INCEST BOY is exactly what used to be called ‘experimental’ cinema. The film tells the story of a rampaging goth rocker chick with a predilection for killing and devouring wandering citizens. After curbing a goofy older gentleman (who looks suspiciously like Lloyd Kaufman) and eating the goopy remains of his melon head, she attacks a group of anti-abortionists and frees a tied up dog-boy (who we assume is the titular ‘Incest Boy’). From there it’s a magnificent cavalcade of violence, gore and sexual mayhem inside the old - ‘boy meets girl, girl eats bystanders, boy wags tail’ - chestnut. The trick here is that the whole thing is filmed as something between a Harold Lloyd silent comedy and a Troma bloodfeast! And filmed with ageing Super-8 equipment that give s the whole thing an antiquated home-movie look while covering an entirely nightmarish world.

The film is edited as one fast moving, surrealist fever dream, enhanced with layer upon layer of grain and static, which makes the experience all the more nightmarish. There is absolutely no dialogue and no narration of any kind. No titles, no subs, no mouthing words Douglas Fairbanks style. The closest thing to commentary inside the film is a protester holding up a sign that says ‘This Movie Sux’. The relationship between the two title characters is played out in near-pantomime, during a gloriously realized ‘happy couple’ montage using goofy cliches from 60’s musicfests like A HARD DAYS NIGHT and THE MONKEES, but having fun with it and turning the conventions into expressions of pure characterization. The extent of the filmic knowledge and fanboy passion on display here is highly refreshing after seeing endless ‘frat video’ remakes, wannabe-swedes and humorless ‘spoofs’.
The two main actors do well with their parts, considering the limited options they have to express emotion and character. Incest Boy is constantly shrouded in a veil of shaggy hair and streaky makeup and uses stage-style physical acting to build a character. Cannibal Girl, without uttering a syllable is absolutely hypnotizing and Janine Laurent, the young lady they chose for the part (the 3rd Cannibal Girl they’d gone through before even starting the shoot), fills the boots with a magnetic mix of sexy cathouse fury and tender girl-next-door exuberance. The numerous, lovingly caressing close-ups let her entrance the viewers with a coy smile, a pretty face and wild-eyed abandon.

The supporting cast, including Taylor and Beins in various cameos, are brought in and taken out so fast that it’s hard to keep straight, aside from their being a motley collection of punk rock hair and ripped clothes. It makes little difference in a 13 minute short, especially when it is so perfectly paced throughout and tells the story succinctly in that tiny amount of time.

Taylor and Beins are obviously devout Tromites, having learned their lessons from Uncle Lloydie very well (they also did the ‘blood work’ for Kaufman’s POULTRYGEIST), marketing this things in very much the same way Troma has been promoting itself for 20+ years. They borrow the ‘pure innocent love in the middle of a hellish world of punk-anarchy’ feel from Troma’s TROMEO AND JULIET and, by employing Kaufman in the first scenes, leave no doubt that they are Troma born and bred. Beyond that, these two guys seem to have a real gift for dark satire and filthy shenanigans, much like two previous Troma grads (and obvious influences on CG&IB) Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Taylor and Beins take up the mantle of ‘weird indie Cinema humorists’ from the South Park creators, even including an homage to them by setting the love scene between Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy on the grave of historically notorious Colorado cannibal Alfred Packer, the subject of Parker & Stone’s CANNIBAL: THE MUSICAL.

The DVD, self-distributed by Taylor, features CANNIBAL GIRL in it’s entirety, as well the original inspiration for this whacked out love story - a short named UNICORN for the twisty lollipop treats that a playground pervo uses to lure a young girl (the young mother of Incest Boy!) into a questionable relationship. Somehow, as with CG&IB, Taylor and Beins manage to take a thoroughly distasteful scenario and infuse it with playful humor and juvenile glee. You also get Taylor and Beins’ Tromadance nominated, blood-drenched short MY BLOODY VALENTINE and fan film CANNIBAL INCEST IN THE ROTTEN SOUTH, which has to be seen to be believed. Also included are 2 music videos from the film, 20-some minutes of behind the scenes footage (laid out in easily navigated morsels), interviews with cast, crew and Uncle Lloydie, an introduction by Taylor and Beins, Easter Eggs, commentary and more. When was the last time you got that much added-value on a freakin’ teen-beat Hollywood slasher flick?

I’d even go so far as to say it was the most goddamn beautiful romantic-gore-edy I’ve ever seen, far more satisfying than 2+ hours of any recent Hollywood attempt at horror-comedy or camp (I’m looking at you HATCHET!)

Ach! Why listen to me ramble on any more… check out the DVD art! Buy this F#@$er NOW! and enjoy it with the ones you love the bloodiest!

Send your cheque or money order for a measly $12 bucks to:
Richard Taylor
3550 S. Harlan St. APT 184
Denver Co. 80235

Or visit www.myspace.com/incestcannibal to order online!

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And I also hear that our friend RAMONE!, soon to make his debut here on ECDVD, was so hooked when I showed him this flick that he is planning a review of his own.

And knowing RAMONE! That will be something to behold.

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