Jesse Corbeil

Planet Earth: Whither Blu-ray?

Planet Earth is the kind of thing that gets talked about in hushed tones for years after it lands: It’s the doc that made docs hot again and upended the playing field for natural history documentarians everywhere. The first TV series to be filmed in high-definition, Planet Earth made extensive use of Hollywood shooting techniques to get shots that nobody had successfully filmed before, shots like ...[Read More]

New iPhone App Ends Blockbuster Bursting Bladder Syndrome

Picture this: you’re about a third of the way through the latest big-ticket blockbuster, and halfway through your $7 gallon pop. Suddenly, you feel the beginnings of what you just know will be an unbearable need to go potty. If you recognize this scene, the RunPee iPhone app is just the tool for you.  

Indy 5 nearing the starting gun?

During an interview with the BBC, Transformers star Shia LeBoeuf revealed that he will likely be reprising his role as Indiana Jones’ son sometime in the near future. He said that long-time Indy director Steven Spielberg has “cracked the story on [Indiana Jones 5]. I think they’re gearing that up.” Everyone’s busy at the moment, so the next Indy adventure would likely...[Read More]



X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Theatrical Review

After two good movies, the X-Men film franchise took a dive and is now nicely poised to collapse under the weight of its own garbage. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the poster-child for the descent of Marvel-branded films into total crap. It’s a descent made doubly infuriating because things started off so well: After two initial exhilarating, wicked and stylish films, X3 arrived, born from the...[Read More]

Warner Cooks Up a Hot Time in Montreal for Q1 2009

This past Monday night, the Warner Home Video crew and Strut Entertainment swung into the 514 area code with a load of upcoming titles to show off, good munchables, copious drinks and some sweet swag for us press types. The RocknRolla-themed party also featured the airbrush-tattoos of Toronto-based artist Fritz Branschat’s Skin FX.  And if there’s still any doubt that Montréal is all a...[Read More]

Watch YouTube on TV with your PS3!

The PS3 finally puts the “tube” into YouTube with its own dedicated channel. To check it out, launch the Playstation web browser and enter The PS3-only interface will let you interact with YouTube’s huge video library without getting off the couch. The site’s still in Beta, so don’t expect it to be perfect just yet.

‘The Dark Knight’ Comes Back to Theatres and To Blu-ray

Not only is The Dark Knight headed back to the big screen for Oscar season, but there’s also going to be a December-18th Blu-ray Live event, where 100,000 owners of the Blu-ray release will get to watch and partake in a live, interactive commentary by director Christopher Nolan. So, will there be a sequel, or won’t there? Even Nolan ain’t so sure. He’s been taking notes and trying to get his...[Read More]

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