Clash of the Titans (2010)




New PS3 Value Pack Features ‘Clash of the Titans’

Sam Worthington is about to clash with the PS3 with the announcement of a new Clash of the Titans Playstation 3 Value Pack. This new package is scheduled to hit store shelves the same day the film is released on Blu-ray. So, if you don’t have a PS3 remote yet, or need a new one for one reason or another, and are a fan of the new Cla...[Read More]

‘Clash of the Titans’ Comes Home in July

Release the KRAKEN… on Blu-ray and DVD. That’s what Warner Home Video plans to do this coming July. Check out the sell sheet inside. Yup. Own Clash of the Titans on July 27th, 2010.

Clash and Journey Get Sequel Action

There are certain movies that beg for a sequel and there are movies where the first is enough. With the announcement that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are moving ahead with a sequel for Clash of the Titans and New Line and Walden Media are taking a second Journey to the Center of the Earth I’m a bit torn on how I feel about t...[Read More]

Clash with Sam Worthington in Titans Photo

The first official pic of Sam Worthington in his full Perseus get up is online thanks to someone who owns a scanner. The pic is from Empire magazine and show him all bloodied up. Warner Bros has set the release date for March 26th, 2010. WB seems to like that month for its blood splattering titles. I’m sure we’ll get to see so...[Read More]

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