Ditched – Toronto After Dark review

Ditched – Toronto After Dark review
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After a routine prison transfer crashes in the forest, young Inuit paramedic Melina finds herself surrounded by murderers with a mere 100 feet to climb out of a ditch to escape. When they are attacked by an unseen force in the forest, Melina's short journey to safety becomes the ultimate contest of wills.

Christopher Donaldson’s feature debut for directing and third time screenwriting Ditched is one of those very few films that going absolutely blind into is best. It is a mystery and suspenseful action thriller hunting game that keeps the twists and turns coming, completely captivating the audience and making them entirely immersed in the story. Ditched is incredible, and should be watched as soon as possible, do not sleep on this small Canadian feature.

The film focuses on Melina played by Marika Sila who is a paramedic who is transporting a dangerous criminal. One thing leads to another, and the ambulance gets thrown off the road into a ditch, and a bus full of criminals is also thrown off the road. Now Melina is stuck fighting for her life as she is stuck in a ditch on the side of the road, surrounded by violent criminals, and a mysterious gang of mercenaries who are out for blood.

What works in Christopher Donaldson’s feature is the eerie themes that are presented throughout the entire film. There is no reason or acknowledgement immediately presented to the audience for why the criminals are there, how their paths intercrossed, or why these mercenaries are present. When the audience finally gets answers, the secrets that spill are more demonizing than initially thought and it truly raises the question of how does one define evil and can someone be redeemed through their work after an evil deed has been done.

Moreover, the performance from Marika Sila absolutely steals the entire movie. She is a revelation and delivers an incredible performance that truly will haunt the audience. Everything that happens in Ditched has a purpose and is delivered with such adamant thought that it will creep and linger with you as the credits roll after the shocking ending.

Crave Factor 8.5/10



My earliest movie memory, outside of my home theatre in my basement, was going to the local Video 99 and wanting to rent ET only to be told by the shop owner it was playing down the street in theatres. My love for cinema has been alive for as long as I can honestly remember. I would frequent the cinema minutes down from my house daily. It was a second home. Movies are an escape from the everyday world, a window into the soul, a distant friend. If I’m not watching a movie, I’m probably watching a tv show, if I’m doing neither I’m asleep.

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