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Doctor Who – Episode 3 Boom

To simply avoid spoilers, and cast reveals all episodes of Doctor Who throughout the series will only talk about the involvement of The Doctor and Ruby or simply the character names and not the actors who portray them to keep everything a secret. With that being said, Episode 3, Boom, is a rather self-contained story with minimal involvement with other characters, but other characters are present and factor into the latter half of the episode. This episode focuses on the Doctor and Ruby Sunday who are caught in the midst of a world changing war on Kasatrion 3. The Doctor foolishly ends up stepping on a landmine, which if he steps off of would not only destroy himself, but would stop the planet from being able to be saved.

This creates an interesting dynamic that ties into episode four (not storyline wise but dynamic wise, in a juxtaposition but more on that at a different time) where Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) is essentially left to fight off the issues and tribulations of a standard Who episode on her own as the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) is indisposed and cannot help do his Doctorly charm and duties in fear of ending the planet itself and himself. While the episode is written by Steven Moffat, it definitely feels like a Moffatt Doctor Who adventure, and with the addition of Joe Anderson, Bhav Joshi, and Caoilinn Springall rounding out the supporting cast, Boom is where this new season of Doctor Who truly finds it footing to continue delivering episodes that will please long time viewers and new audiences.

Boom is allowing the companion to shine, while not being alone and still having the Doctor to help and lay some groundwork and suggestions, Ruby is fighting this battle nearly on her own. With Millie Gibson’s acting credit she can carry that weight and bring it just as much tenacity and emotion as any other episode, while not falling into the cliché that the companions always end up in trouble. Make sure you get ready to catch Doctor Who: Boom at 7pm EST on May 17th, or get your Tardis ready to avoid the spoilers!

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Doctor Who – Episode 3 Boom


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