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Doctor Who Episode 5 – Dot and Bubble

This week on Black Mirror….I mean Doctor Who. That’s right this is the most Black Mirror esque episode of Doctor Who of all time, genuinely feels like a plot that didn’t fit Black Mirror (though it totally would’ve) and just flew right into the Whovian verse. This episode is an intriguing one though, as both The Doctor and Ruby Sunday nearly only appear virtually and are almost not in the physical episode at all. Before I get into anything even more vaguely spoilery, that is all I can say so my best advice – as usual is tune in at 7pm EST to ensure you can see the adventures Ruby Sunday and The Doctor get into this week!

This weeks episode amply titled ‘Dot and Bubble’ focuses on a group of friends living in a planet called Finetime. They all interact with one another with a giant VR type social channel bubble over their heads. The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) ‘hack’ their way into Lindy Pepper-Bean’s (Callie Cooke) circle and explain to her that she is not safe. Firstly thinking it is a giant bullocks tale she blocks them, but because it is The Doctor that obviously doesn’t work and Lindy begrudgingly listens and discovers that monsters are consuming the planet. She now must listen to the Doctor’s instructions to try and escape the monsters and ensure her survival, the question that gets begged though can she live outside her bubble and how will she fend for herself for the first time in forever?

The true star of this episode of Doctor Who is Callie Cooke who is the lead protagonist throughout the episode and captures the madness that usually occurs during a typical episode of Doctor Who. There is so much going on, with the social commentary of being so involved with ourselves and our internet connection and no longer focused on making actual human connections. While last week I stated every episode of the season thus far continues to get better and better, Dot and Bubble doesn’t exceeded last weeks episode however it is on the same level as 73 Yards. Dot and Bubble is one of the most borrowed from another show/concept episode of Doctor Who but it truly is an excellent episode of Who that fans will be surprised and splendid with.

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Doctor Who Episode 5 – Dot and Bubble


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