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John Wick 4 – Review

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past near decade, then maybe you are unaware of who director Chad Stahelski is, the man who was/is a stunt coordinator turned director behind the John Wick franchise and somehow, by nothing short of a miracle the fourth, yes fourth, installment is the best? That’s not to say that John Wick isn’t great because it is, but 2 is alright, and 3 isn’t the best, but John Wick 4 certainly raises the bar for our titular character and brings some truly insane moments to the franchise. These moments are going to be remembered for years to come, and the homage to Lawrence of Arabia is kind of brilliant too.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is exhausted. He is done chasing the table, he is done with their nonsense, he wants to be out and wants to be out for good. He’s lost friends, killed countless henchmen, and is just tired of having to deal with their nonsense, but because he is the Babyaga and the greatest assassin in the world, its just another day for him. However, the Marquis (Bill Skarsgard) whose representing the table, is making a statement to tell everyone that John Wick is not a martyr and should not be followed, at anyones expense including Winston (Ian McShane). Wick, decides to end things once and for all by challenging the Marquis to a duel, if he wins he is freed of his obligation to the table, if he loses, well he is dead.

John Wick movies are not particularly watched for their storytelling ability, it could be great, or it could be Parabellum, as long as the action is there people and audiences will be happy. Thankfully though, the story in John Wick 4 is well done and the action sequences are some of the best of the franchise. With new comers for the series in Caine (Donnie Yen), Tracker/Mr. Nobody (Shamier Anderson), and Killa (Scott Adkins) the action sequences are certainly some of the most incredible of the franchise. Without spoiling too much, the entire fight between Wick and Killa, the first fight between Ciane and Wick in Osaka, and the overhead tracking shot of Wick and Nobody are some of the best choreographed fighting on a screen in probably a near decade if not longer. Everything about the fights and the action in John Wick 4 is top notch and it truly is reflective.

There is something special about John Wick, and it is the fact that the movies keep delivering over and over again and never leave audiences disappointed. Sure some of the entries are less than stellar, and the action sequences could’ve been stepped up or at least changed up to an extent, but in John Wick 4 they do that. They change the sequences, nothing feels repetitive and it delivers one hell of a ride. There is so much to enjoy and digest with the Wick franchise, but John Wick 4 in particular is the best of the series and hopefully if they continue to make more John Wick movies, they’re other world instead of continuing with the character.

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John Wick 4 – Review


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