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Bingo Hell – Review

Oak Springs, sounds like a pretty relaxing retirement village if you want my honest opinion. Oak Springs is also where our main story takes place, where the elder generation doesn’t want their neighbourhood gentrified and moreover have their beloved bingo hall repurposed. Bingo Hell definitely has some tricks up its sleeve, as not everything is as it seems, and something truly sinister lurches around.

The movie focuses on Lupita played by the incredible Adriana Barraza as she and her friends, Yolanada played by Bertila Damas and Dolores played by L. Scott Caldwell. When they hear that their beloved Bingo Hall may be sold and repurposed to a sleazy businessman, Mr. Big played by Richard Brake, and turns their beloved neighbourhood into a modern day Brooklyn. There is something evil that sets the ambiance and pace of the entire film.

What works really well for Bingo Hell is the fact that it refuses to tell you exactly what’s happening at the beginning. It slowly builds its way to get to the sinister underbelly of Bingo Hell which ultimately delivers the terror and thrills with one amazing finale. The slow burn that Bingo Hell takes to get to nitty gritty and blood fest the audiences want to sink their teeth in is well worth the wait. Gigi Saul Guerrero who directs and co-writers her first feature absolutely delivers crafting a story ranging in topics and real world fears, such as gentrification.

On the other hand, if a story can captivate its audience the stars of the feature also have to replicate that magic for the audience. Thankfully in the case of Bingo Hell, Adriana Barraza absolutely steals the show, delivers a magnificent performance and proves she can definitely hold her own. As well, Richard Brake exhumes evil and sinister, his performance is nothing shy of maniacal and looney and just ups the ante throughout the film. The chemistry of good vs evil here between Brake and Barraza is simply magnificent, and their drastically different energies play off each other incredibly well.

Bingo Hell is a wild addition to the Blumhouse name that is sure to pack the laughs and the shrieks in this intense game of cat and mouse. Now whose ready to hear 5 letter and number combinations to change your life, BINGO, see you in HELL

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Bingo Hell – Review


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