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Slaxx – 31 Nights of Halloween Review

I was talking to some friends, and they asked if I ever saw a movie called Slaxx, and then pitched me the plot. After hearing what this madness was about, I didn’t believe them, there was no way that this movie was real, then I remembered that Rubber was a real movie so why can’t Slaxx be. So I sat down, turned on Amazon Prime sat down and had the time of my life watching Slaxx. I can’t tell you to NOT read this until after you watch the movie, but just take my word for it watch Slaxx then come back and read my thoughts on this RIDICULOUS over the top bloody masterpiece of comforting proportions.

The movie focuses on Libby plated by Romane Denis as she’s starting her new day at a retail store who wants to do her best to impress her boss Craig, played by Brett Donahue. When employees start disappearing, and Libby discovers their body, she uncovers a video that shows the horrifying reality, the pants are sentient and can commit murder. She pairs up with Shruti played by Sehar Bhojani, as they try to find out the pants motives and why they’re on a killing spree. Yes, Slaxx is about a murderous pair of denim, that packs the absolute madness to the brim!

What makes Slaxx work is how insane, gory, and fantastic the movie is. It starts off by showing a cotton field that is labelled experimental cotton, I guess that explains how the pants become possessed and sentient? There is no real explanation as to why the pants are sentient, choose who to murder, or why they murder (its briefly explained but you’re not watching this for reasoning). The blood and guts are excellent, the violence is top notch, and the laughter is so hearty you will cry. Slaxx is delightful and maddening, it has to be seen to be believed.

As well, the performances in Slaxx are truly phenomenal as having to go along, while delivering believable performances, a plot about murderous pants is truly a triumphant feat in of itself. Romane Denis (whose also in another incredible indie, Sluts in a Good Way) absolutely shines throughout Slaxx. Her performance is captivating, hilarious, and engaging. Sehar Bhojani delivers everything with passion and true sass as we would expect from a retail worker. Their chemistry is also remarkable as they seem like the worst of enemies, that become friends, typical retail environment. Slaxx is a gory bloodbath with engaging performances, that truly bring everything together for this absurd fantastic horror comedy.

Crave factor – 8

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