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AVATAR King of the Box Office

Avatar has finally done it. It has surpassed Titanic as the all-time highest domestic grossing film. Having passed the $600 million mark his morning, AVATAR now holds the dual title of both the largest grossing domestic, and international, film of all time.

I suspect many of you are saying “it has higher ticket prices than the previous films”, “Avatar should have a star beside it’s title”, and “blah-friggin’-blah”.

I keep reading these negative comments towards Avatar‘s mega box office and that it should have a * beside it in the record book due to increased ticket prices.

Well, your all a bunch of big whiners. It didn’t take Avatar 41 weeks to reach $600 million. It took only 47 days. Avatar hasn’t had multiple theatrical re-releases to boost its numbers. Avatar is doing this straight out of the gate.

Titanic was in theatres for 41 weeks. Yes, no star beside it. Gone with the Wind and Star Wars both saw several theatrical re-releases. I don’t see stars beside their names. Gone with the Wind was also in theatres for roughly 4 years straight after its initial release.

Either every movie has a star beside or no movie is precluded. You can’t just decide to mark Avatar with a star because it’s netting an average of an extra $3.50 per ticket without marking the other highest grossing films as well.

Congratulations James Cameron and Fox. You deserve it.

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