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Reader Mail Vol. 1

Every now and then we receive e-mails from our readers. Therefore, we’ve decided to add a section called “The Mailbox” to respond to our readers. Simpsons Season 2 – Menu Fix?? Potter title is wrong? Getting intimate with Chris Botti?

Our first mail comes from John, regarding THE SIMPSONS: COMPLETE SECOND SEASON Box set:

“Regarding your complaint about the menu upon first loading each disc, all you have to do is press “menu” and it will go straight to the menu screen. And, considering the sound effects turn off automatically after a few moments (unlike season one dvd), I thought the menu for season two was a great improvement and well done. I’d rate it at 7 at least.

Shane responds: Thanks John, I wasn’t aware that by pressing ‘menu’ you could bypass that annoying stuff. This will be useful for anyone who thought the same thing I did about the Second season of the Simpsons, and I know quite a few people that did complain about it.

Our second mail is from Keith:

Can you tell me, just what is Anamorpic Widescreen? Thanks

Shane responds: I’m not a 100% sure I understand you question but I’ll try and answer what I believe you’re asking. There are a few ways to tell if a disc is Anamorphic Widescreen. First when you read the package it usually lists it as being either “Enhanced for Widescreen TV’s”, “Enhanced for 16X9” or it says “Anamorphic Widescreen.” Secondly, if you have a 16×9 Television and to view DVDs, I’ll use the term “Full Screen” or “Cinema View”, you’ll lose the black bars and the video will fill the entire screen without distorting the picture. You may have noticed that if you watch a DVD with your DVD player set to full screen when watching a widescreen movie on the 4×3 TV (Standard Television), everything appears stretch and looks out place. I hope I’ve answered the question with the answer you were looking for. If not feel free to send me another e-mail.

Justin is having problems in our 3rd reader mail:

On the Star Wars Episode 2 DVD, I can’t get the bloopers reel. I tried pressing enter after each number, and my remote has no 10+ button. The brand of the DVD is Koss. Do you have any suggestions for me to get this 1138 code to work?

Shane responds: Justin, There are multiple ways to access it. Try the following press 1 ENTER 1 ENTER 3 ENTER 8 ENTER. If that doesn’t work you can also try 11 ENTER 38 ENTER. One of those two ways should get you into the blooper reel.

Michelle falls for Chris Botti:

Hello Axel; I’ve yet to see & purchase the Chris Botti & Friends DVD ( I will as soon as I can convince myself that I will be able to leave my apt. once it’s in hand), but you are right on the mark with your review. I had the pleasure of a lifetime when Chris serenaded me with that magical instrument last spring. I’m 33, I look 20 and I felt 13 as he stood a foot away from me locking gazes, mesmerizing me with his “display of musical foreplay”. My cheeks literally quiverred. And you’re right about the “religious experience” aspect. He didn’t just look at me, he looked into me and I returned the favor, cheeks quiverring and all to experience this sexual, spiritual intimacy that was definately a once in a lifetime thing. I couldn’t believe that he could play like that while being so intimately engaging, he’s simply amazing! The song he played was “When I Fall in Love”. It was at a casino in Connnecticut so the lounge area was quite intimate unlike a concert arena or a far off stage. After the show at least 10 people came up to me and asked how long we had been together or asked if I was his girlfriend (men & women). Of course I was flattered and surprised by their assumption but when I got the pictures back (my bro was snapping away) I understood why.

Michelle then followed up with this e-mail:

Thanks. No problem posting. But I just wanted to clarify that I was not at the DVD taped show. I was talking about my experience at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut in May 02′. I thought your review was so great because I experienced the magic of Chris in person. I wouldn’t have thought that Chris Botti’s unique audience interactions would be so palpable on DVD. But you definately described perfectly what so many people have felt that have seen him perform live. That makes it a great DVD and you a great reviewer! Michelle C. D. PS. I never heard of Chris until I went to Sting’s Brand New Day tour in MA. two years ago. I saw him on stage and he gave Sting some serious competition!

Last but not least there is our dispute with the Harry Potter title from Hairry Pooter:

FYI….It’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone… Not “Philosephers”……….

Shane responds: I beg to differ. In fact the title of the first Potter film is indeed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. There is only one region that titled the film “The Sorcerer’s Stone” and that was in the United States. Seeing we are not based out of the US it is only fair to put up the title that has been reviewed by us. Here is an article at that you may find interesting. The third paragraph under the picture of Dumbledore mentions the two titles.

Thank you for the reader mail. Keep em’ coming. To contact us you can use the “Contact Us” link at the top of the screen or press on the EJECT button on the DVD player. Thanks again.

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