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Comic-Con: Starship Troopers 3: Marauder Interviews

Crazy things happen at Comic-Con every year. Things like interviews and red carpets for DVD releases and not just mainstream movies. This time around we were invited to interview a few folks from Starship Troopers 3: Marauder. Head inside for more…



Before you watch the interview there’s a story that goes along with this particular interview. I knew you were expecting one and I couldn’t disappoint.

To start things off the confirmation only arrived the day before I left for San Diego that I would be conducting interviews. However, one thing was missing from the time I was given… the location. The interviews were scheduled for Saturday afternoon and I emailed on Thursday to get the location from my bud M@tt who helped me get the interviews. When I got back to the hotel on Friday there it was. Room 7AB.

Jonathan and I were accidentally in the Terminator Salvation press conference room (we weren’t confirmed, but were there nonetheless) when I received a text message confirming me for the interviews. I was just down the hall from where I thought I was suppose to be, but nope. I should have been at a hotel about 10 blocks away from the convention center with only a few minutes to get there after the T4 conference ended.

Thankfully it wrapped quicker than expected and I was off to grab a cab to the hotel. We arrived with a few minutes to spare and while waiting in the green room (outer room of a suite), as they called it, when the director, Ed Neumeier, came in a started chatting to Jon and I. Of course, we didn’t know it was him and then Casper Van Dien walked out of the interview room, his bedroom, and Ed goes in.

Now, Jon and I are carrying on a conversation with Casper for about 15-minutes just talking about normal life. No movie talk, other than saying how much we love movies and how we could watch them consistently. Then in walks Jolene Blalock chats for a few minutes with us and quickly enters the interview room as Ed walks out.

Now we’re speaking with Casper and Ed while we wait for Jolene to wrap up as we were the final interview of the day, which believe it or not, is my favorite place to be. We setup and they come in and take their places. Now, the fun begins. Check out the interview below.

Starship Troopers 3 Interviews

However, the story doesn’t end there. After the interview was over while packing up the gear everyone thanked us for giving them a great interview. Even one comment was, best of the day.

Unsuspectingly, we ended up on elevator with Jolene and she was very happy with our interview and thanked us again. She jumped off on the 8th floor and Ed got on. He again thanked us for making him and the rest of them comfortable.

Then in the lobby we took a minute to figure out what we had next prior to dinner with some friends and Casper came down and chatted with us some more. It was all very surreal. I actually asked him if he was stalking me now.

Now that we’re back and interview has been posted it’s my turn to thank them. Thank you Casper, Jolene and Ed for giving me the best interview I’ve done to date.

I should also mentioned that I saw the movie and it’s nearly as enjoyable as the first. Look for the DVD review soon.

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