Toronto Polaris 24 Coverage – Part 3 of 7

Today’s interview goes behind the camera with writer/producer Craig Miller.

Craig Miller has over 150 credits as a writer/producer and started as a publicist working for George Lucas on Star Wars.  Craig is credited what is now called Fan Based Marketing or Niche Marketing. Craig knows how to build word-of-mouth momentum to get people into the theaters or in front of their televisions.


Craig MillerCraig worked on Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back and then went independent forming his own publicity company, ‘Con Artists.’  He handled the publicity for, ‘The Dark Crystal’, ‘Superman II’, ‘Altered States’, ‘Splash’, and ‘The Black Cauldron’ to name a few.

On the writing side Craig has done work for comic book properties such as ‘G.I. Joe’, ‘Transformers:   Beast Wars’, ‘The Smurfs’, and Emmy-winning ‘Curious George’.

Currently Craig is working on the science fiction feature ‘Resistance‘, to be shot near the end of 2010.  For a more detailed biography for Craig click here.


Craig’s interview is a fascinating look behind the scenes at the business and people side of entertainment:



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