‘There’s Nothing Out There’ returns to DVD September 28

“We don’t know anything about that creature except it, like everyone else, hates a mouth full of shaving cream!”

Our old pal Rolfe Kanefsky, writer director of THE HAZING, NIGHTMARE MAN and the upcoming ONE IN THE GUN, recently hipped us to the rerelease of his hilarious 80’s horror throwback THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE.

THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE is generally considered one of the great unsung classics of the early 90’s direct-to-video horror ouvre, as well as the original inspiration for the SCREAM series and the missing link between the campy hilarity of the EVIL DEAD series and current ‘horror-comedy’ like SLITHER and HATCHET. THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE returns to DVD in a special ’20th Anniversary Edition’ from Troma films, including:

  • A new introduction from Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman
  • Audio commentary from writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky
  • BTS featurette
  • Original cast auditions
  • Pre-production, animation test footage and video storyboards
  • Production still gallery
  • Trailer
  • Short film ‘Mood Boobs’ starring Tiffany Shepis

From rolfekanefsky.com

Three hot-to-trot couples and one goofy loner travel to an isolated country house for a weekend of debauchery, but soon they realize that they are not alone in the woods. One of them has seen this scenario before in dozens of horror movies, and he knows what it will take to defend themselves from an alien creature determined to eat the boys and mate with all the girls!

THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE returns to DVD September 28 from Troma Entertainment. Order There’s Nothing Out There from Amazon

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