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Three Indie gems from Indican Pictures!

INDICAN PICTURES, the little Indie that could, has a trio of fine indie genre films debuting on DVD before Christmas… Check out the deets on BLACK PEARL: 10,000 AD, PARIA and the psychedelic spaghetti western craziness of THE LEGEND OF GOD’S GUN!

BLACK PEARL: 10,000 A.D.

Far into the future after the world has brought about the apocalypse what remains of humanity has split into two warring tribes – the Plaebian and the Huron. Humankinds ambitions are not wealth or prosperity, but merely survival. The Huron tribe have reverted to the Hunter/Gatherer methods of our forefathers becoming great warriors with no regard to the future. Whereas the Plaebians are trying to rebuild society and tame the wilderness that surrounds mankind when a new, unforeseen evil starts to kill them both. This unspeakable evil — the Sinasu. Now both tribes must work together or finally face humanity’s extinction.

After the Apocalypse.there will be two tribes.

DVD EXTRAS INCLUDE: Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Making of Featurette, 5.1 Surround, Sneak Previews, Theatrical Trailer.
STREET: 11/11/08

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