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That’s the name of this new column. But don’t be fooled. This isn’t about Hollywood itself. This isn’t about passing the blame or tossing the salad. This is a new forum for anyone and I do mean ANYONE involved in the filmmaking process to come and speak their mind, regale us with anecdotes, frighten us with their tales of the underside of ‘The Biz’, or inspire us with their innovative spirits and D-I-Y ingenuity.

Hollywood Handoff

From Gaffers to Guest Stars, from Lighting Riggers to Cinematographers, from Caterers to Directors – and all points in-between – we want to hear your stories. So contact me at if you have an idea for an article, something already drawn up, or even just a suggestion for a guest columnist or an area for us to cover.

I, myself, have been known to dabble in the Dark Arts of Filmmaking, and I have lent my dubious talents down avenues as varied as extra, script doctor, FX stooge, gofer, grip, sound tech, screenwriter, actor, editor, videographer and ‘guy who stands around making unwelcome comments while the editor is concentrating’. I’ve also written, directed and produced my own Z-grade student films and a few You-Tubey segments starring a certain masked idiot of unknown origin (Yes. I’m talking about you, Ramone. BRING IT.)

I have a lot of friends who make movies. Not because they are world-famous (though some are fairly IN-famous) or rolling in studio cash either… these are down-to-Earth, creative and most eminently likable people who do it because they must. They have an unexplainable need to create and tell stories and do it through the most magical of mediums – Film.

So stay tuned true believers. There are exciting things and wonderful people coming to tell you about the modern-day equivalent to the Land of Oz. They’ll make you laugh, make you cry and, more likely than not, make you want to do what they do… make movies.

In the coming weeks you’ll see articles by Directors, Editors, Extras, Amateur Filmmakers, Stuntmen, maybe even a Scream Queen or two… but first…


We start the regular column with Indie wunderkind Frankie Frain who, at the ripe old age of 14 co-wrote, produced and directed I NEED TO LOSE 10 POUNDS – a bizarrely hilarious zero-budget comedy that went on to win the TromaDance 2006 film festival and distribution from Troma Films. Frankie’s ‘manifesto’ not only details the making of his first film, but outlines some of the important ideals necessary to force your way through the very difficult process of completing a movie from A to Z with a pocketful of lint and an untrained cast and crew.

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