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ThisGuy Reviews: Aion

Disclaimer: Eye Crave Network takes no responsibility for the quality, content or opinions contained within this article. The opinions and misguided notions contained are those of the author and do not represent anyone but “THIS GUY”…

This Guy Reviews AION a.k.a Super Cracktastic Happy Hour

Alright…ok… So… *twitch* I have umm… Been like *sniff* playing Aion for a few weeks now and I wanted to share a little about this game…. Must…play.

Let me start off by saying Aion is a very Pretty game. The cryteck engine is used beautifully and runs and looks nice even on average machines but if you have the power to crank all the pretty shiny things up at times it can truly shine! ( Me likes the shiny!!!)

NC borrows things from other MMO’s and adds wings. SICK! (good thing)

I have played other NC games in the past (lineage 2 and guild wars) but neither hold a candle to this MMOgasmic piece of programming. The game play is standard MMO stuff really, choose a server, choose a faction and start the grind right? Wrong! Aion does an amazing job at allowing players to play the game they want to. Questing is effective way of lvling but is not so good for making cash. I have tried both methods of lvling and since I played lineage 2 for so long I am use to (and pretty freakin good at) grinding. To switch it up I will go and do some quests but in my experience thus far grinding mobs that are 1-2 lvls below you is key. You get decent drops and minimize your downtime and make alright cash. My main toon is only lvl 24 but with some help from friends I have turned into a lethal assassin. Which brings me to the community part of Aion, everyone on the server I am playing on has been helpful when needed any of my questions have been answered and in some cases people will come meet me to show what I am missing or give assistance on a part of a quest. There are a laaaarrrrrgggeeeee number of players currently as in every case with a new MMO. So finding a group is not an issue for beginners or mid lvl folks.

Combat is fantastic the animations are great and give something else to look at although you will be seeing the same animations ofter ( I mean come on this is a MMO after all)

Some classes have a rune/signet system which allows for more damage or special abilities to be executed. There is also a combo system that will pop up on the screen near the mob that you are attacking which you can click to execute the next in the chain. This is excellent as it keeps your attention on the fight as opposed to just mashing hotkeys mindlessly and waiting for the mob to die.

Crafting is something that I am still working on as I have only collected a number of mats but only crafted a small amount. Crafting can be broken down into the following parts. Cooking (yum FOOD!) Sewing (leather and cloth armor) Armorsmithing (plate and chain) Weaponsmithing (umm weapons) Handicraftsmen (rings staves and bows) and alchemy (potions). Think of this kind of like wow but having to be in the correct spot. The crafting lvling system is like wow in the respect that you make items and receive xp for that craft when successfully making an item… the more you make the higher the lvl goes up. You will need to find the location for each though an example of this is cooks will have to find a kitchen to work in, armorsmiths will have to find a work bench and so on. Crafting helps make money and also will end up producing items cheaper then found in the auction house.

PvP in Aion thus far for me has only been in small amounts as you are unable to go into the abyss until lvl 25. (one more lvl to go for me) I took a quest that lands me into the middle of Asmos land and I had my fair share that time. PVP is great I was fighting my enemy in the air and on the ground. Aion adds that new element to pvp which is aerial combat. This was some of the most fun I have ever had playing an MMO (exception of castle sieges in Lineage 2). The abyss is where for the most parts all the pvp will take place. There is occasional rifts open by each faction which allows for entry to the opposing factions lands (kinda like a raid) This feature is neat also but as I have been standing next to 3 of these rifts and met the business end of every Asmos attack each time (…pwnt.) Raids are always fun in any game I have played so this is an other plus for me.

Getting Gear at low and mid lvl has not really been that tough for me as I have learned from other Korean MMOs (l2) that staying around an area where you can effectively dispatch mobs and keep you hp high will pay off. (and it has) So far playing this game I have met a large number of great players and will update Aion news on the site or may even start making a story (fake) using screenshots kinda like a comic as I can say for sure I will be playing this game for some time to come.

All I have to say about Aion is give it a shot if you are sick of your current MMO you will find a deep rich game with lots to offer casual as well as hardcore gamers. I run this game at 90-140 FPS playing on my Alienware M17X check out the review of my new laptop for more info on the rig. I am done for now Lady and Gents. Farewell and Faith and Arms (Elyos rules!!)

Wanna Group/Dual?? Toon info is below… who knows perhaps you can be in my comic too!

Sigmah – 24 Assassin

Legion – None T_T (no one loves me)

Server Meslamtaeda

Disclaimer: Eye Crave Network takes no responsibility for the quality, content or opinions contained within this article. The opinions and misguided notions contained are those of the author and do not represent anyone but “THIS GUY”…


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