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Trish’s Dish for ‘Twilight’

Trish's DishTonight we are going to do a more traditional food pairing.  We are serving an Elk Loin Roast (served rare) to keep with Twilight’s vegetarian family the Cullen’s.  We are  pairing the roast with a great full bodied Californian Zinfandel.  No not the pink stuff that’s in the cooler at your wine store but the deep red almost black Zinfandel.  Elk has a strong gamey flavour and the spicy earthy character of Zinfandel will work well with it.  We always want to keep our wine and meal at the same weight and these heavy hitters certainly do that.  Our Zinfandel has great white and black pepper notes with hints of brambly mountain fruit.  I recommend the 2006 Outpost Estate Wines Zinfandel from Napa Valley to pair with our Elk Loin Roast.

Elk Loin RoastNow to bring Twilight back into the light so to speak… Our main male character is Edward Cullen a strong sexy vampire.  Thus our theme for the meal was big strong flavours to match Edward.  During our movie we first meet Bella.  She has decided that to make her Mom happy (following her new husband around the minor baseball circuits) she would move to Forks with her Dad.  Going from Arizona to Forks (found in the Upper Mid West) is a big change for her, from sun and fun to rain and darkness.

Bella, the new girl at school, is intrigued by the mysterious Cullen family.  The Cullen kids have a much paler appearance than the rest of the high school kids in Forks.  There is something different about the Cullen family and when Bella is saved by Edward from being crushed by an out of control van she has to find out what is going on.  Edward and Bella play a push and shove game of words while discovering that perhaps they have each found the one that will complete them.  Bella learns the deep dark secret of the Cullen family….they are “vegetarian” vampires. 

Bella believes that even though Edward feels he is evil that he is not.  Bella joins in the family activities and in doing so becomes the target of a rival group of drifter vampires.  Bella is faced with some tough decisions as is Edward.  So as not to spoil the end of the movie I’m going to talk about a few neat things that I liked in this movie.  The movie starts in bright colours and as we are introduced to the Cullen’s the colours dim Twilightfor the rest of the movie.  I enjoyed that they linked the fact that the Cullen’s can’t be out in the sun with the fact that Forks is the rainiest place in the continental US and that their house is hidden amongst big huge trees to shield it from the sun.

I loved that they showed the Cullen’s trying to be the all American family playing baseball and involving Bella in their game.  I also liked the great panoramic shots throughout the film.  Bella’s inner monologue helps to confirm what we think she is thinking and at times gives us some more insight into what she thinks about the strange things she finds out about the Cullen’s.  We see that Bella is brought into the inner circle of the Cullen family which is a nice contrast to her own divorced family that she tries to be selfless in.
All in all this is a love story with some great twists along the way.  Though not everyone will enjoy this movie or the wine pairing I think they are wonderful together, give it a try. 

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