Homebound – Fantastic Fest Review

Homebound – Fantastic Fest Review
Homebound – Fantastic Fest Review

A young woman arrives at the home of her new husband's estranged family to find the children behaving in increasingly unnerving ways.

Sebastian Godwin delivers a terrifying, horrifying, almost too realistic thriller in his first feature Homebound which uncovers a tale of lies, deceit, and genuine horror. What could possibly be more terrifying than bringing your new fiancé to your ex-wife’s house to meet your children? Arriving and having your ex-wife not be there, and your children not having the slightest idea where their mother is. What’s even worse, your children don’t like your new fiancé; these are the questions and obstacles that our characters have to go throughout Homebound.

Holly played by Aisling Loftus and Richard played by Tom Goodman-Hill enter the secluded, woody house excited to meet and see his children again but hiding the fact that they’ve recently become engaged. Lucia played by Hattie Gotobed, Ralph played by Lukas Rolfe and Anna played by Raffiella Chapman all give the standard stepparent first introduction cold shoulder energy to their dad’s new ‘friend’. However, the true horror emerges once they realize, mommy dearest is nowhere to be found, even in the morning their mother doesn’t return. As things start to get tense between Richard and his children wondering where his ex-wife is, eerie things start happening around the house, and children’s game get taken a little too far the true horror is the suspense that this tightly packed film produces. There is not a moment you can take your eyes off the screen, not a breath you can take without anticipation and not a single frame that does not feel important.

What makes Homebound so suspenseful and terrifying are the performances, from its cast. The children, Hattie Lukas and Raffiella bring such genuine emotion and shock to their performances that if Damien were real, one would be hard pressed to believe that he didn’t possess these young talented actors. As well as the performances from both Tom and Aisling are nothing short of traumatizing. You can sense the mood from their performances, and as the movie progresses what they’re willing to do to uncover the answers while also being put in a very uncomfortable situation.

Homebound packs such a strong incredible punch of suspense and terror, that I cannot wait to see what else Sebastian Godwin has up his sleeves for the future. Whatever it is, please sign me right up!



My earliest movie memory, outside of my home theatre in my basement, was going to the local Video 99 and wanting to rent ET only to be told by the shop owner it was playing down the street in theatres. My love for cinema has been alive for as long as I can honestly remember. I would frequent the cinema minutes down from my house daily. It was a second home. Movies are an escape from the everyday world, a window into the soul, a distant friend. If I’m not watching a movie, I’m probably watching a tv show, if I’m doing neither I’m asleep.

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