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Live ‘Iron Man’ Commentary

The DVD and Blu-ray release of Marvel’s first MCU film did not include a commentary. Thankfully, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. did record one in front a live audience and someone recorded. Give it a listen here while you watch the movie.

How to Fix Slow Loading Iron Man Blu-ray on PS3

Did you buy Iron Man on Blu-ray? Do you own a PS3? Are you experiencing slow load times? If so, we can help you solve it. You do NOT have a defective copy. Word from Eye Crave Network writer Jeffrey Reynolds is that the first time he fired up the PS3 and inserted IRON MAN it took roughly 7-8 minutes to load. The reason being is the BD-Liv...[Read More]

IRON MAN Blu-ray Playback Issues?

Are there issues with IRON MAN on Blu-ray? The answer may be a resounding yes. I received a replacement copy yesterday for disc one due to playback issues on a small portion of the review copies that went out. This is not new news for Blu-ray as this has happened in the past, but didn’t expect to see it happen within a few years of ...[Read More]

IRON MAN! September 30!!

I AM… IRON MAN!!! When those words rang out at last years San Diego Comic Con, leading into the grinding power of Black Sabbath’s classic song, IRON MAN immediately became a bona fide pop culture phenomenon, destined to be the frist great movie of Summer 2008… History, and Box Office records bore that out with a staggering $315 Million ta...[Read More]

IRON MAN Flying Onto DVD

The Billionaire superhero known as IRON MAN will be coming to DVD at the end of the September. Word around the web says that Tony Stark will debut on the shiny discs, DVD and Blu-ray, on the 30th of the aforementioned month. Word from my friends at Paramount is the official announcement will be coming out soon. I suspect we’ll hear ...[Read More]

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