Jack Be Nimble – Nightstream Review

Jack Be Nimble – Nightstream Review
Jack Be Nimble – Nightstream Review

Jack and Dora, abandoned by their parents as babies, are desperate to find each other after years of adoption. Jack's young life has been spent with a sadistic family. Dora, whose life has been somewhat better, has developed extra-sensory powers which tell her that Jack's in danger and drives her to search for him.

Jack Be Nimble, the 1993 horror film that would definitely appeal to the cult following type of audience has a new restoration that looks incredible. This new restoration is sleek, clean, and crisp, truly making this 27-year-old movie look something brand new set as a period piece, this restoration lacks some colour depth, but that is about it for this restoration, it looks clean and pristine.

The movie focuses on Jack played by Alexis Arquette and Dora played by Sarah Smuts-Kennedy as they play estranged siblings that were abandoned by their parents as babies. Dora gets adopted by a seemingly good family, while Jack goes to a sadistic, terrible family. As they get older, Dora develops powers that makes her realize her brother is trouble and sets out to find him. When they meet up, and discover what has happened to them individually, things take a turn for the most chaotic and things become more than they originally seemed to be.

The general story of Jack Be Nimble which is written and directed by Garth Maxwell seems to jump a little too much between their individual lives and what happened to them. Jack manages to create a device that allows him to seek revenge on his foster family, and Dora’s ESP spikes and realizes she needs to save her brother. While their moral compasses differ from each other, they always want what is best for each other, sibling love after all.

The performances from Alexis Arquette and Sarah Smuts-Kennedy are what holds Jack Be Nimble together. They deliver classic cult like performances, which is sure to please the audience it is set to be aimed at. As well, the new restoration which will most likely be released as a Blu-ray down the road, from either vinegar syndrome or a partner label, it will definitely be a hot commodity for the film’s fans. The restoration truly is remarkable and brings new life to this cult classic.



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