Dark Knight Leads Warner’s Q4

The Dark Knight



Dark Knight Leads Warner’s Q4

It is that time of year again when Warner Bros. Home Video invites all us press members to eat free food and drink free drinks. They do this quarterly to sucker us all into one room to tell us about all their upcoming titles on their captives audience. To think we fall for it every quarter… shame on us. Although, honestly, I don’t think we mind all that much.

With The Dark Knight in their arsenal this quarter’s event promised to be the best yet.

Warner probably has one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting, release schedules for the rest of the year. Star Wars fans have the animated Clone Wars movie to look forward to on DVD and Blu-ray (November 11th).


Young ladies have two exciting title coming out, both on November 18th, with Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 and The Clique. The former reunites the original cast in a brand new adventure, while the later is the first of six to be produced by Tyra Banks.

Also in November Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway will enter your living rooms with Get Smart on the 4th on both DVD and Blu-ray. The 25th will see the Vince Vaughn / Paul Giamatti comedy Fred Clause hit store shelves.

Warner Home Video are the kings of Ultimate Collector’s Editions and the fourth quarter of 2008 is no exception. The Ultimate Matrix on Blu-ray will lead the way on October 14th followed by UCE’s for A Christmas Story (Nov 4), JFK (Nov 11), Casablanca (Dec 2), and I Am Legend (Dec 9).

November 25th WHV will release a Limited Edition of 300. Please note: This is a limited edition and not an Ultimate Collector’s Edition. That means we can expect at least one more release.

Fans of Burton’s Batman will be overjoyed to know that Blu-ray editions are on route for Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997 on December 30th. The biggest film of 2008 will be released on December 9th. That’s right The Dark Knight will be released December 9th just as we told you when we got back from Comic-Con without actually telling you.

NHL fans will be excited for the release of Sidney Crosby on the Ice and Beyond (Oct 7) while Edmonton Oilers fans will be pumped for the Oilers Greatest Games (Nov 4). The worlds craziest hockey fans will be cheering when Memorable Games in Canadian History hits DVD in both French or English on November 4th.

The crew from Warner Home Video are also releasing a lot of Complete Series on DVD this year with The Sopranos hitting DVD Nov 11th in the sweetest boxset I’ve seen yet. All 5-seasons of The Wire will also see life on December 9th. The prematurely canceled Deadwood will street December 9th, and the original Get Smart will hit DVD December 16th.

As usual we got the scoop on all the major titles directly from WHV Manager of Publicity, and a special guest. Check out our video interview here.

Big thanks to Chris, Dyan, and Media Profile for inviting us once again for an incredible time.

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