How to Fix Slow Loading Iron Man Blu-ray on PS3

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How to Fix Slow Loading Iron Man Blu-ray on PS3

Did you buy Iron Man on Blu-ray? Do you own a PS3? Are you experiencing slow load times?

If so, we can help you solve it. You do NOT have a defective copy.

Word from Eye Crave Network writer Jeffrey Reynolds is that the first time he fired up the PS3 and inserted IRON MAN it took roughly 7-8 minutes to load. The reason being is the BD-Live functionality downloads during the discs first boot-up, if you will.

Using the PS3 XMB he checked the file size in ‘BD Data Utility’ to discover it’s 12MB in size (not all that big for high speed users). All this happened approximately mid-day before everyone and their grandmothers who purchased IRON MAN and decided to toss it in their beloved PS3s in the evening experienced a huge degradation in load times. Some upwards of 30-minutes according to various forum reports around the web.

Essentially, the IRON MAN BD-Live server was flooded and could not keep up with the insane demand of IRON MAN Blu-ray buyers. Hopefully, when the Dark Knight hits Blu-ray in December it will not experience the same issue.

Now, here are the solutions provided by Jeff.

Solutions: PS3 owners can either just wait for the content to load the first time and never have to worry again. The second loading is just as quick as any other title. Or, they can change their PS3 “BD Internet Connection” from “allow” to “confirm.” This will cause every BD-Live disc to prompt them whether to activate BD-Live functionality on the system again EVERY TIME they load. Or, they can simply disconnect their internet from the system completely. All are inconvenient options, but letting the content load is the only one that doesn’t cause inconveniences in the future.

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