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‘MK vs DC’ Character Roster Revealed

Mortal Kombat vs. DCMidway has outed the final cast details for their upcoming fighter title ‘MK vs DC.’ Plenty of favourites from both worlds appear on the list along with some more unexpected names as well. The only question left is whether this list will be expanded through additional download content, or will it remain as is. With the infinite number of characters left off of the DC Universe roster, I am certain that we will see many more characters available for a small fee in the future.


Scorpion Batman
Sub-Zero Superman
Sonya Catwoman
Jax Green Lantern
Shang Tsung The Joker
Liu Kang Shazam
Raiden The Flash
Kitana Wonder Woman
Kano Deathstroke
Baraka Lex Luthor
Shao Kahn Darkseid

For those who have yet to hear anything about this title I ask you this: How would you like to pit your favourite superheroes against that wiley bunch of misfits from Mortal Kombat? Well, here is your chance as two universes WILL collide on November 10th, 2008.

Personally, I am disappointed that Reptile was not included in the line-up and that Lex Luthor made the DC list. Not sure exactly how a villain who relies so heavily on Kryptonite is going to stand even a remote chance against the skills of Scorpion or Sub-Zero; especially since neither of them are affected by the Kryptonite. I guess that we’ll just have to wait and see what type of liberties the game creators took in bringing this title to liife.




Green Lantern

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