Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Reaches For More Than Stars!

Early reviews for Naughty Dog‘s action adventure sequel to their 2007 hit Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is taking the gaming world by storm… and it doesn’t even hit store shelves for another month!

Reports have begun to filter onto various websites about the first review to appear in print format. A French gaming magazine called PSM3 is quoted as saying, “Long, visually stunning, deep and explosive, Uncharted 2 combines all the qualities you can find in a videogame, and more! A new milestone has been reached in the videogame history.”

Along with this praise is tagged their numerical value rating of the game. 21/20!!! That’s right. It’s not a mistake on their editors part. The game has pushed beyond the limits of all expectations to receive an impossible score. It will be interesting to see how other major sites will compare in their evaluation of what is sure to become a media hog over this next month.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves releases on October 13th, 2009 in North America and has yet to get an official release date for European territories.

On a personal note…

Having been part of the multi-player beta in June of this year, I can honestly say that I was stunned at the amount of enjoyment I received from an unpolished and somewhat glitched product. September 15th sees the release of another such experience. However, this time around proves to be much more rewarding as the exclusive demo (currently only available via full version pre-orders through Gamestop, EB Games, and Play.com) is being coined as the largest in video gaming history. This specifically refers to the content contained within the download. Apparently, an astounding 80% of the multi-player aspect of the game will be available within this demo. This includes 4 maps, 4 competitive gameplay types, several co-op missions (for up to 3 players), customizable game session details, character upgrades, weapon upgrades, customizable character attributes, and full access to the multiplayer cinema mode in which you can literally place the camera viewpoint anywhere within a recording of your match to capture images and footage straight to your PS3 hard drive.

For those who haven’t pre-ordered via the participating retail locations in order to get in on this action, have no fear. On September 29th, the demo will release to everyone on the Playstation Network. It will be available as a download item from the Playstation Store.

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