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Stranger Things: The Experience

Netflix and Fever have brought Toronto to the Upside Down within Hawkins with the Stranger Things Experience. While we wouldn’t dare give away all the fun secrets about this immersive experience, we can give you a small breakdown of what to expect. Upon arriving at the Stranger Things Experience you’re immediately transported to Hawkins with a sign welcoming you to the sleepless city. This truly is something for the diehard fans, as there are spoilers regarding characters and a little plot from Season 4. You are taking part in a sleep study, and separated into three separate ‘power’ groups; intelligence, strength, and intuition. There are separate tasks each group has to do, with a little bit of escape room elements and an interactive theatre type of experience.

The entire experience itself lasts about 45 minutes altogether, but don’t worry after the event concludes, you enter The Mixtape the quintessential 80s hangout. Pinball and vintage arcade games, Surfer Boy Pizza, corn dogs, exclusive drinks, Scoops Ahoy, and a few exclusive photo opportunities and merchandise points. Everything at the Stranger Things experience is a total blast for fans of the show!  

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