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Stanleyville – Nightstream review

What would you do if you were approached by a strange man, to play a contest of sorts, to win an even weirder prize? What would you do if you just threw your hands in the air and said screw it and left your previous life behind the same day? These are the questions that Stanleyville asks, to quite hilarious results. Sometimes we all just need a fresh start, and what better way to get said start than winning a brand new habaerno-orange vehicle?

The film focuses on its main contests consisting of Maria played by Susanne Wuest, Andrew played by Christian Serritiello, Felicie played by Cara Ricketts, Bofill played by George Tchortov, Manny played by Adam Brown, and the game master Homunculus played by Julian Richings. Throughout Stanleyville, every actor gives it their all to bring their own unique take to the characters and shines why their motivated to win this strangely odd prize. It truly works as an absurdist black comedy thanks to the cast being able to emerge themselves will still playing the game in a cunning way.

Stanleyville works with its strange, yet hilarious premise because of the way the film itself is conceived and told and the cast supporting this concept. Everyone has their own motivation, and each character is an obstacle for one another, pushing the limits of their sanity beyond reproach. Stanleyville is a well done black comedy that is sure to please its audience.

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Stanleyville – Nightstream review


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