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Clash and Journey Get Sequel Action

There are certain movies that beg for a sequel and there are movies where the first is enough. With the announcement that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are moving ahead with a sequel for Clash of the Titans and New Line and Walden Media are taking a second Journey to the Center of the Earth I’m a bit torn on how I feel about this news.

Perhaps the best part of this news is the fact that if they decide to when they go 3D with both pictures they can do this during production and not post. I saw Clash of the Titans last night in 3D and cringed at how bad it was. I know this has been talked about everywhere already, but it was so bad that I had trouble keeping my attention on the movie while, almost, unintentionally seeking out the flaws by the shoddy 3D.

Word from Deadline, who broke the news, is that everyone who survived Clash 1 will return to their respective roles demi-gods, gods, and humans alike. With means that Sam Worthington will be back as Perseus, and lovely Gemma Arterton as lo.

However, director Louis Leterrier will not be returning to the director’s chair, but will stay on as a producer. The new script is being written by the man who scripted the Green Lantern for Warner, Greg Berlanti.

As for Journey, the studio is working Brendan Fraser over to return to the role, but he’s teetering without director Eric Brevig, who is currently filming Yogi Bear… in 3D (during production I hope). However, if the studio goes ahead without Fraser on board they’ll just structure it around the potential next Spider-Man, Josh Hutcherson.

What do you think? Personally, I enjoyed both films, but not enough that I believe they deserve/need a sequel.

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