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Guess Who’s The ‘Green Lantern’?

It’s a bright day, or is it a dark night? I’m not sure, but if you worship evil beware as we now have our live action ‘Green Lantern’ and it’s not Chris Pine, Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, or Justin Timberlake. Nope it’s…


… Ryan Reynolds. This is not the Canadian’s star first time playing a comic book character. He was Hannibal in Blade Trinity and most recently Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Word was that there was going to be Blade spin-off starring Ryan and Fox is moving ahead with a Deadpool stand alone flick.

Now comes word that Warner Bros. and director Martin Campbell have selected him to play Hal Jordan. All I have to say is sweet! I can’t wait. What do you think?

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Source: Latino Review


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