Blue Man Group Movie?

Well this is….strange. Apparently the musical (and performance art?) act Blue Man Group is looking to come to a cineplex near you. This part I find the strangest of all, the movie distribution rights were acquired by National Geographic. Yes, the nature people.

For more details on the proposed IMAX movie (really?) read ahead…

Blue Man Group: Mind Blast is going to be a 3D live action comedy which they hope to have hitting IMAX and other large screen theaters for Spring of 2011. Apparently National Geographic hopes this will be the first of many diverse upcoming films.

According to

The film will be directed by David Russo and executive produced by Barbara Darwall of Blue Man Productions. The original script was written by Lisa Robinson; Charlotte Huggins and Janice Doskey are producers. Distribution of the film will be led by Mark Katz, president of National Geographic Cinema Ventures Distribution, and overseen by National Geographic Cinema Ventures President Lisa Truitt.

“Our giant-screen film collaboration with Blue Man Group will continue National Geographic Entertainment’s foray into the distribution of an increasingly diverse array of films,” said Truitt. “The slate of films that we’ve acquired and are releasing this year and next are a reflection of National Geographic’s commitment to telling stories in engaging and groundbreaking ways.”

 This picture came up in bing when I put in blue man group…lol

I dig the poppa smurf!



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