Canadian Actor Vying for Thor

Canadian actor James Preston Rogers wants to be Thor and if I looked like him I’d want the role too. He wants to be the Norse god of thunder so much that he’s launched a thunderous online campaign to hopefully catch the eye of director Kenneth Branagh.

James Preston Rogers

National Post had this to say:

James Preston Rogers has worked as a bouncer, wrestler, actor, Canadian Tire employee, and soon, he hopes he can add god of thunder to his resume.

The six-foot-six blonde Brampton, Ont. native is vying with Hollywood stars to play the mythological Norse superhero in the 2011 Marvel Studios film Thor…

… The chiseled Canadian underdog doesn’t appear too fazed because, although he hasn’t got the part yet, the message boards have spoken.

Rogers has the support of hundreds of hardcore fans on MySpace, YouTube,, and Facebook.

Does he have the chops? Not sure. I haven’t seen anything he’s been in including Outlander where he plays Bjorn the Viking in the company of Jim Caviezel and Ron Perlman.

Good luck James. Hope you at least get an audition.

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