Comic-Con: Sex Drive First Look

Sex Drive



Comic-Con: Sex Drive First Look

Back at the ‘Con I was fortunate enough to take in a screening of the upcoming comedy Sex Drive, starring Seth Green, Josh Zuckerman and Clark Duke. Not only was it a cool experience seeing the film months before it hits theaters but get this, it’s pretty darn entertaining too.

For a little bit about my experience, read ahead…

One of the great things about Comic-Con isn’t just the showroom floor, the nerd girls in skimpy clothing or even seeing your favorite movie stars walking the halls of the convention centre, it’s the movie previews that take place all around San Diego. I was lucky enough to be invited to the advanced screening of the movie Sex drive at the beautiful Pacific Gaslamp Theater in the heart of downtown San Diego. After chatting with other eager movie fans that were waiting for an hour or so in a line that wrapped around the block, we began to move inside and find seats.

Once inside, reps from the studio were good enough to help everyone find seating in time for the show to begin. To my surprise though, the lights didn’t fall and the projector didn’t start. Instead, stars Seth Green, Josh Zuckerman and Clark Duke came into the room to address the crowd. Not only were these guys taking hilarious barbs at themselves and the crowd, they actually caught someone filming the event – a big no no in advanced screenings. After he was ejected, the hilarity continued and the film finally started running.

While it’s so early before the actual release of the film into theaters that I’m embargoed from giving a proper film review, I can say that without a doubt the movie is a masterpiece of teenage angst hilarity. It actually manages to out serve American Pie. While most of the cast is comprised of up and coming talent, by the time the movie is released and finds its footing they should all be much more household names. Josh Zuckerman is a great straight man, Clark Duke is the best friend everyone wants to have and Amanda Crew, well she’s just plain gorgeous. All give excellent performances, while James Marsden, arguably the most recognized of the bunch steals the show with his over the top older brother persona. Seann William Scott who?

At the end of the movie it was almost saddening that it was over. The picture managed to be so fun to watch that I think most of the audience would have stayed for a repeat showing. As I was slowly making my way down the stairs of the seating to the exit I actually heard someone say over my shoulder “wow, dude that was better than Office Space!”; If that is the sentiments of the crowds come this October, I think Summit has a runaway hit on its hands.

As a personal note, just by chance I ended up sitting next to Ron Hohauser, CFO of Summit Entertainment during the screening of the movie. Ron was a pleasure to chat with and one of the nicest big shots I’ve ever met. If his enthusiasm is any indication, Summit is going to continue to grow and be the next big production studio to watch out for. I wish them all the success in the world.

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