Early Aquaman Screening Compares it to Star Wars & Indiana Jones



Early Aquaman Screening Compares it to Star Wars & Indiana Jones

Looks like James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring, Furious 7) may have done what many believe to be impossible. The test screening held on February 21st on the WB lot has come back with very positive word.

When you read things like “I heard that it plays like an Indiana Jones movie and that the action puts Wonder Woman and Justice League to shame” and that it has “Star Wars-like underwater battles” it begins to really peak interest.

But that’s not all, Batman on Film, has posted some additional info about content in the movie which you can see below.

  • Characters just talk normally underwater. No giant air bubbles like we saw in Justice League.
  • The rumors were true, Jason Momoa wears the comic book Aquaman costume in the movie.
  • Black Manta is a secondary villain. He looks just like he does in the comics and has the same origin as well.
  • Superhero News scoop confirmed, The Trench is in the movie.
  • Yes, Aquaman can talk to fish, and he does in the movie.

You can check out Meet the Movie Press YouTube show from Popcorn Talk for a little bit more.

Source: Batman on FilmHeroic Hollywood

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