Fan Expo: ‘Tron: Legacy’

This is my first Fan Expo and I did not know what to expect. Apparently it’s the 3rd largest convention of this type in North America, but after touring the floor yesterday I’d seen everything in just over an hour. That does not mean that nothing is or has happened here.

Yesterday during the two preview hours, accessible only to those with the right pass, Disney descended upon the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with co-producer Justin Springer to give the small audience a taste of Tron: Legacy with a wonderful Q&A.

I write this is I’m prepping to head back to the convention centre for day 2 of the Expo, but everything shown yesterday has already been made available to the web accept, perhaps, the conceptual art which looked absolutely amazing.

Justin then answered questions about the film and if Jeff Bridges former sidekick would be returning to the film as an irratating character like Jar Jar Binks to which the producer answered “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. Albeit, he could have done a better Vader impression. I’m kidding about the Vader impression, but he did say that if the character did return he would not be annoying.

I do have something for you this morning and that is a few pictures of the Light Cycle, which until now had only been seen by a few down at the San Diego Comic-Con. Check ’em out.

 Tron Legacy Light Cycle

Tron Legacy Light Cycle

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