From Kirk to Lantern

Yesterday it was announced via Production Weekly’s on Twitter that there was some movement happening on DC’s Green Lantern and that filming would begin mid-September in Australia. Today there’s even more news about the front runner for the role of GL and it’s none other than Star Trek‘s Captain James T. Kirk, aka, Chris Pine

Earlier in the day I learned via IESB that Chris Pine is the top runner for the role of Hal Jordan. Hal Jordon becomes a member of the Green Lantern Corp after an alien member of the Corp crash-lands on Earth. Test pilot Hal Jordan met the requirements of being both honest and without fear. His Green Lantern’s power originates from the Guardians of the Universe.

Some sites announced the news was nothing but a rumour, however, Latino Review later confirmed that an official offer has been sent out to Chris Pine.

On top, during an interview with producer Donald De Line with Dark Horizons he had this to say:

The status is, funnily enough, we are leaving for Australia Wednesday night with Martin Campbell, our director, to go scout in Sydney and Melbourne, and we plan on starting to shoot mid-September in Australia.

Chris Pine as Green Lantern
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