Green Lantern Concept Art? – UPDATED

Well what have we here? The Guardians of the Universe seem to have shined their green lights down upon the internet going public by possibly revealing a few pieces of concept artwork for the upcoming major motion picture production “The Green Lantern”. I say possibly because as we all know, strange things that are too good to be true are usually the most trustworthy information on the interwebs.

The images comes courtesy of and include aliens, Greenie himself and if real, may include spoilers so if you want to remain clear and in good conscience, I suggest not clicking the pic of Lantern below.

Abin Sur, Tomar Re


** Update – Here are some more conceptual art for the Green Lantern movie. These have been confirmed as actual concept art, but does not mean the final product will look anything like these images.





Source: The Green Lantern Corp

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