Is Captain America 4 Coming?

According The Hollywood Reporter, Falcon and Winter Soldier show runner Malcolm Spellman is developing a fourth Captain America movie. He will co-write the script with Dalan Musson, a writer on the Disney+ series.

No director or cast has been confirmed, but we can assume at this point that Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Wyatt Russell and Emily VanCamp will likely take part.

Anthony Mackie is the third actor to play Captain America with Chris Evans having created the legacy that is Steve Rogers on the silver screen and introduced Wyatt Russell as Captain America as the start of the Falcon and Winter Soldier series.

The next part contains spoilers.


The series will likely not be called Falcon and the Winter Soldier moving forward. When the credits rolled a new titled was introduced: Captain America and Winter Soldier. I for one think they should have gone with Captain America and the White Wolf as both Bucky and Sam have grown beyond who they were at the start of their MCU runs.


Source: THR

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