New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy in 3D?

As a HUGE fan of Star Wars I can say that I would love to see more of the Wars on the big screen. After all, Star Wars: A New Hope was the movie that began my obsession with all movies. So, this new rumour that Darth Flannel (the George) is actively planning a new Trilogy excites me like a school boy seeing his first pair of space humps.

Yes, you read that right and guess what? It’s going to be in stereoscopic 3D.

Han Solo
Those folks at MarketSaw have received a tip from a reliable tipster that George Lucas is looking to start production after he finishs converting his first two trilogies into 3D once the magic number of 3D theatres is reached. That would be when there are 5k in total.

Anyway, my favourite tidbit from this rumour is that George will only be producing the films and not directing. Not that he did a terrible job, but I think giving this world a new set of directorial eyes, ala Empire Strikes Back, could thrust this series back to the level fans expect.

I’m sure George is already courting friend Steven Spielberg to helm one, but who would you like to see direct any, or all of the potential new Star Wars films?

There’s no doubt that George will be keeping his eyes on how well James Cameron’s Avatar does. Should Avatar open huge you can expect George to announce the third Star Wars film trilogy.

However, until we get official word file this under “grain of salt” or “extreme rumour”.

Since seeing Star Wars on TV as a child Shane has been hooked on movies. In 2001 he decided to start up his own webpage dedicated to his new love DVD. Now, over 20-years later he continues to FEED YOUR HUNGER with the latest Theatrical, Blu-ray and DVD reviews.

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