Problems at the House of Mouse?

Ok, here is an interesting and unexpected turn of events. Apparently, Dick Cook, the head of Walt Disney Studios is now the former head of Walt Disney Studios, hot off all the spectacular news of the D23 Expo that just took place mere days ago in Anaheim. Why does this matter to the casual movie-going public? According to several big shots including the one and only Johnny Depp, he was one of the only true nice guys in the industry and a pleasure to work for. Now if certain quotes are to be believed Depp may walk from his upcoming Pirates 4 and Lone Ranger Disney projects as a result.

From the Los Angeles Times

Johnny Depp, star of Walt Disney Co.’s hugely successful “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, said he was “shocked and very sad” to hear about the abrupt departure of studio chief Dick Cook, whom he called “the sweetest man on the planet and such a gent.”

Depp, who said his enthusiasm for a fourth “Pirates” movie has waned with the news of Cook’s exit, said “it seems like the whole town is shocked,” Depp said in a phone interview from London. He said Cook called him a few hours ago to break the news.

It seems that Cook was called into a closed door meeting with CEO Bob Iger, who is disapointed with the performance of the box office take for the first part of the year and moments after leaving the meeting, he “resigned”. This has left a bitter taste in the mouth of Johnny Depp who just days ago came on stage to announce a 4th Pirates of the Carribbean movie completely clad in Captain Jack’s outfit to meet Dick Cook.

These developments are interesting to say the least. My own personal feeling is that Disney knows how much Johnny Depp is worth to them, so when he says he’s lost some enthousiam for the projects he has coming up, he’ll quickly get them back when they backup another dumptruck filled with money on his lawn. I guess only time will tell.

Johnny Depp and Dick Cook days ago at D23

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