Sam Rockwell in ‘IRON MAN 2’

Who will go toe-to-toe with Tony Stark in highly anticipated IRON MAN 2? Sam Rockwell, that’s who. The actor recently confirmed via MTV that he will in fact be starring opposite of Robert Downey Jr. as Justin Hammer.

Sam Rockwell - Iron Man 2When pressed for about the film all Sam would say was “I don’t know if he takes over Stark Industries,” he said. “I’m not really sure yet. He’s a money dude. That’s about all I can say.”

When asked about the potential involvement of Mickey Rourke as Crimson Dynamo he said “Is Mickey cast yet? I hope so.”

Looks like Jon Favreau has things well in hand with the villains. Can’t wait to see the follow-up and if they are going to introduce some different Iron Man armors.

Source: MTV Splash

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