Scream like it’s 1996

I can’t believe it, yet another Scream movie is on the way. In fact, perhaps even a new trilogy of them. Dimension Films has just released its upcoming production schedule and it looks to contain a lot of what it did back in the late 90’s, only now is gee whiz 3D. Included is a confirmation that Neve Campbel will be joining Courtney and David Arquette for more Scream movies, as well as another Spy Kids flick being prepped by Robert Rodriguez and a remake of the Steve Guttenberg epic Short Circuit. For more detail, read ahead…

From Variety


“Scream 4” will start production in April or May as the first of a new trilogy, and the company is talking to Wes Craven to direct, Weinstein reports. In addition to Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette will return to the “Scream” franchise.

Robert Rodriguez is writing “Spy Kids 4,” which he will direct in 3D. The movie will be made in partnership with Disney and will start shooting in March, Weinstein said. In addition, the company wants to shoot “Halloween III” in 3D, aiming to release it in October 2010. Dimension also is remaking the cult classic “Children of the Corn.”

“I’m heading back to my franchise films,” Weinstein said, citing plans to shoot sequels to “Hellraiser” and “Scanners” in 3D. Also on the slate are remakes of “Short Circuit” and “An American Werewolf in London.” “These films are our strength, and we are committed to doing them in style.”


The stars of Scream I’d like to see in 3D

Courtney Cox Arquette

Neve Campbel

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