‘Star Trek’ Footage Revealed and the New Enterprise

JJ Abrams is taking his show on the road, so to speak, and is showing off some footage from his upcoming Star Trek movie. His first stop was London, England and word from the sneak peek is that the new Trek is going to be awesome. JJ also decided it was time for us to see the new starship Enterprise.

Without spoiling any of the footage TrekMovie.com has put together a little article detailing the four scenes shown plus details on the trailer. It all sounds rather exciting if you ask me.

And finally, EW.com got the exclusive first look at the new Enterprise and here it is.

USS Enterprise

“It’s an interesting amalgamation of the various incarnations of the TV and previous movie Enterprises.  There also appears to be a nod to the Enterprise NCC-1701-C from The Next Generation episode – ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise'” says staff writer Louis Sytsma.

Source: EW.com, TrekMovie.com

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