Superheroes In Trouble!

It seems that the superhero film genre is ripe with fresh droppings these days. With rumours constantly flying these days about everything from Superman to Ant Man there doesn’t seem to be any material not facing problems at some level. The latest two bombs to drop from the industry heads are regarding The Green Hornet and Lobo projects.

First, Lobo is in trouble now that Guy Ritchie abandoned the project to continue his work on the Sherlock Holmes franchise. Ever since this move WB has not been comfortable in the directorial options at their disposal for the Lobo project. As a result, the production has no start date in sight. So, it looks like its cover page has been given the “undetermined amount of time” stamp of shame.

Speaking of shame, this little tidbit might not be as shocking a revelation as it is shocking that the word has gotten out to the general public. The Green Hornet project has taken a major hit as the top brass at Sony Pictures have expressed some serious negative reactions to what they have seen… which is THE ENTIRE FILM! That’s right! The film is complete and the final product is unpleasant to them. Rumour has it that the film is extremely campy, the directing is shoddy, and the “Seth Rogen does not suit the character” element (which has been screamed by fans from the get-go) all spell disaster in their collective minds eye. So, as it stands, the question among filmgoers is no longer, “I’m interested to see what they did with The Green Hornet.” That sentiment has now shifted to become, “I’m interested to see if I’ll ever get to see what they did with The Green Hornet.”

All I can say is with Lobo on the back burners and The Green Hornet on hiatus, at least we have the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern to keep our imaginations abuzz while the rest of the superhero genre (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, along with many others) seem to gasp for air amidst the politically shark infested waters of both Hollywood and fanzines.

Regarding The Green Hornet, what do you think Sony Pictures executives should do? Should they still release it this December 22 to try and recoup their investment? Should they cut their losses and try to get the project restarted? Or should it become a straight to home video release?

Source: IESB

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