Third Riddick Movie Title and Concept Art

Patrick from Corona Coming Attractions reviewed the current script from the upcoming Riddick movie and I have to say that I’m a little giddy inside after reading what he had to say. This treatment also came with a full title as opposed to just RIDDICK, which was announced back in February.


Both David Twohy is returning to direct the third installment and also wrote the script. Of course, you can’t have a Riddick movie without Vin Diesel who is returning in the title role. The story for The Chronicles of Riddick – Dead Man Stalking returns to the roots of PITCH BLACK. Riddick is left for dead on a barren alien planet and must survive not only the creatures, but also bounty hunters just as ruthless as light sensitive killer.

Patrick writes:

The Riddick seen in Dead Man Stalking has trimmed off the fat of Chronicles and bulked himself up better than even his Pitch Black days. Shortly after Riddick finds his world fucked once again Twohy has the character say a line which encapsulates what went wrong with Riddick these past two movies and to put him in his current situation: he got civilized. He began to care too much about the people whose lives crossed his path. Well, what’s caring too much to Riddick is different than you and me, but the point is made clear to the anti-hero: he’s got to return back to being a predator, the baddest asshole in the universe, if he’s to survive the trials in Dead Man Stalking — and Hollywood. Back to basics. Back to killing.

He also adds:

There’s one more thing that I’m going to say about this third appearance of Riddick, and it’s that we truly get to see how scary smart he is when hunting human prey. There’s bits of it in Pitch Black, like when he cuts the hair from the back of the head of the pilot and in Chronicles when he escapes from the UV planet and Crematoria but in Dead Man Stalking it’s pretty much full-on hunter Riddick for about two acts of the movie.

If that isn’t enough, what about this concept art that Vin Diesel himself revealed on his Facebook page.

Riddick 3 Concept Art

What do you think? With the script review stating it’s returning to it R-rated roots I for one cannot wait to see it.

Source: Corona Coming Attractions

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