X-Men First Class

X-Men: First Class



‘X-Men: First Class’ Stills

There has been quite a few pics release over the passed few days and some not so good news regarding the status of X-Men: First Class. I won’t rehash with the other sites are saying, instead, I will send your their way, but I’m now a little leery regarding the status of this film which I had such high hopes for.

X-Men First Class

The image above was initially posted via MSN, but was removed after director Matthew Vaughn complained to /Film about the release of the image. He then gave them two new images to showoff. Then Hero Complex debuted some new photos plus a report from “the troubled set”.

Here are the pictures and if you want to read about the issues going head over to /Film or Hero Complex. Or, if you’d like the tl;dr version: It’s not a reboot and Vaughn is editing in London while the movie is possibly being filmed in LA.

You can see all the new images in the gallery here.

Michael Fassbender as Magneto

Michael Fassbender as Magneto

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