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WBHE to Release Batman Year One in a Commemorative Edition on 4K

The original direct to Blu-ray/DVD video came out in 2011 and it’s exciting to see Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Animation to take the time to remaster of Batman Year One. The Commemorative Edition will be released on November 9th, 2021.

Along with a brand new special feature: Reinventing Gordon, which will get a sneak peak at DCFandom.

Here is a list of all the extra features:

  • Featurette – Reinventing Gordon (New) – An examination of the history of James Gordon
    through comics, animation, and feature films.
  • Featurette – Conversations with DC Comics – The Batman creative team at DC discusses the personal influence of Batman: Year One on their careers. Batman producer Michael Uslan
    leads the chat amongst well-known writers, editors, and artists of Batman lore, focusing on the
    darker, realistic interpretation of Batman’s origins by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.
  • Audio Commentary – Featuring co-producer Alan Burnett, co-director Sam Liu, DC creative
    director Mike Carlin and casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano.
  • Featurette – Heart of Vengeance: Returning Batman to His Roots – “The Dark Knight
    Returns” provided the denouement of Batman’s life. Frank Miller’s next seminal work would
    provide his near-mythic origin in “Batman: Year One.” This documentary spotlights the
    contemporary genius of Miller and the audience that was poised to appreciate the depths of his
  • DC Showcase – Catwoman (2011 Animated Short) – The felonious feline’s adventure takes
    her through the seedy streets of Gotham City. Eliza Dushku reprises her Batman: Year One role
    as the voice of Catwoman. The short is directed by Lauren Montgomery (Batman: Year One)
    from a script by Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series).
  • DC Universe Movies Flashbacks
    • Batman: Soul of the Dragon
    • Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One
    • Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two

The press release does not mention an Atmos track, or what HDR mode we’re getting. Probably just standard. Either way, here is the 4K UltraHD cover art.

Batman Year One Commemorative Edition 4K Cover Art
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