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25 Toughest Stars (2002)!

While browsing the net I came across this list of the 25 Toughest Stars 2002 posted on E! Online. Unfortunately, I don’t have an airing date but I do know the show was hosted by no other than tough guy – Mr. T. I have to admit I don’t agree with most of the list. Some people that are on here shouldn’t be, some are rated higher than ones that should be nearer to the top and some that aren’t even on the list at all.

1. Russell Crowe
2. Bruce Willis
3. Jackie Chan
4. Michelle Yeoh
5. Wesley Sniped
6. Sarah Michelle Gellar
7. Jennifer Garner
8. Will Smith
9. Arnold Schwarzenegger
10. Samuel L. Jackson
11. James Gandolfini
12. Denzel Washington
13. Ziyi Zhang
14. Keanu Reeves
15. Brad Pitt
16. Ving Rhames
17. Jessica Alba
18. Robert De Niro
19. Harrison Ford
20. Dwayne Johnson
21. Angelina Jolie
22. Dennis Franz
23. Lucy Liu
24. Tom Cruise
25. Vin Diesel

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