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Big Fish Announced

Tim Burton’s latest film is coming to DVD. Full specs have been released and as expected there is a wallop of extra. We’ve got the cover art and the date you can expect to add this enchanting tale to you collection. Big Fish will see store shelves April 27th. Here are the specs for the new Burton flick.

  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Audio: English 5.1
  • Seven featurettes, which can be accessed via stand-alone on a menu page or from a branching featurette within the film.
  • Four Filmmaker’s Path Featurettes: – Tim Burton: Storyteller: A look at the director’s process with great b-roll moments and insights form Tim Burton. – A Fairytale World: Tim Burton and cast discuss the importance of myths and fairytales in today’s world. – Creature Features: the magic of Stan Winston studios will be explored in this featurette – from the jumping spiders to lions and snakes and hellhounds. – The Author’s Journey: Daniel Wallace’s story from page to screen.
  • Three Character Journey Featurettes
  • Edward Bloom at Large: Allows viewer to take a look at the larger-than-life world of Edward Bloom
  • Amos at the Circus: Danny DeVito takes viewers through the Calloway Circus.
  • Fathers and Sons: Examines the father and son dynamic that was such a key part of the film.
  • Audio Commentary with Tim Burton
  • The Finer Points – A Tim Burton Trivia Quiz: interactive trivia game
  • Theatrical Trailers
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