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Disney Treasures Wave 4 Specs…

About a month ago, we posted a story about the new upcoming Walt Disney Treasures wave 4 titles that would be showing up in December. At the time all we had was artwork, but we now have a listing of the contents and cartoons that will be included with the set… As a connoisseur of the hand drawn animated artform, I really appreciate sets like these. Still coming on December 7th for $32.99 each, the following details have been confirmed for the 3 titles of wave 4.The Mickey Mouse Club:The entire first week of episodes – Monday through Wednesday on Disc 1, Thurday and Friday on Disc 2Disc 1:

  • Episodes: Fun With Music Day (Monday), Guest Star Day (Tuesday), Anything Can Happen Day (Wednesday)
  • Leonard Maltin Introduction
  • The Leader Of The Club (The Jimmie Dodd Tribute) Disc 2:
  • Episodes: Circus Day (Thursday), Talent Round-up Day (Friday)
  • Mouska-Memories
  • The Mouseketeers Debut At Disneyland
  • Opening Sequences in Color
  • Still Frame Galleries Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume II:Completion of the Mickey Mouse Filmography running over 40 classic cartoons!Disc 1:
  • Cartoons Include: 1928 – The Barn Dance, 1929 – The Opry House, When the Cat’s Away, The Barnyard Battle, The Plow Boy, Mickey’s Choo-Choo, The Jazz Fool, Jungle Rhythm, Wild Waves, 1930 – Just Mickey, The Barnyard Concert, The Cactus Kid, The Shindig, The Picnic, 1931 – Traffic Troubles, The Castaway, Fishin’ Around, The Barnyard Broadcast, The Beach Party, 1932 – The Mad Dog, Barnyard Olympics
  • Leonard Maltin Introduction
  • Mickey’s Mania: Collecting Mickey Merchandise
  • Mickey’s Portrait Artist John Hench Disc 2:
  • Cartoons Include: 1932 – Musical Farmer, Trader Mickey, The Wayward Canary, Mickey’s Good Deed, 1933 – Mickey’s Pal Pluto, Mickey’s Mechanical Man, 1934 – Playful Pluto, Mickey’s Steam Roller, Mickey Plays Papa, 1935 – Mickey’s Kangaroo
  • From The Vault: The Haunted House (1929), The Moose Hunt (1931), The Delivery Boy (1931), The Grocery Boy (1932), Mickey in Arabia (1932), Mickey’s Good Deed (1932), Mickey’s Mellerdrammer (1933), The Steeplechase (1933), Shanghaied (1934), Mickey’s Man Friday (1935)
  • Leonard Maltin Introduction
  • Leonard Maltin From The Vault Introduction
  • Mickey’s Sunday Funnies: A Virtual Comic Strip
  • Still Frame Galleries The Complete Pluto:It should be noted, a few of the cartoons here overlap previously available ones in some of the already released Mickey Mouse tins and the Walt Disney On The Front Lines tin. On the whole though, most of the material is new to DVD.Disc 1:
  • Cartoons Include: 1930 – The Chain Gang, 1935 – On Ice, 1937 – Pluto’s Quin-Puplets, 1939 – Beach Picnic, 1940 – Bone Trouble, 1941 – Pluto’s Playmate, Canine Caddy, Lend A Paw, 1942 – Pluto Junior, The Army Mascot, The Sleepwalker, T-Bone For Two, Pluto At The Zoo
  • Leonard Maltin Introduction
  • The Life And Times Of Pluto
  • Pluto 101 Disc 2:
  • Cartoons Include: 1943 – Pluto And The Armadillo, Private Pluto, 1944 – Springtime For Pluto, First Aiders, 1945 – Dog Watch, Canine Casanova, The Legend Of Coyote Rock, Canine Patrol, 1946 – Pluto’s Kid Brother, In Dutch, Squatter’s Rights, The Purloined Pup, 1947 – Pluto’s Housewarming
  • From the Vault: Pantry Pirate (1940), Gentleman’s Gentlemen (1941)
  • Leonard Maltin Introduction
  • Leonard Maltin From The Vault Introduction
  • Pluto’s Picture Book (Excerpt From A Story Of Dogs)
  • Pluto’s Pal Fergy
  • Still Frame Galleries For some pics of the coverart – check out our previous story!
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