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Columbia Tristar will release a SPIDERMAN LIMITED EITION COLLECTOR’S GIFT SET on November 2. The gift set will include the 2-disc release of SPIDERMAN, as well as a widescreen disc of STAN LEE’S MUTANT’S AND MONSTERS, reproductions of the comic book featuring the first appearance of Spidey, a film cel and much more…

Columbia Tristar is getting ready to unleash their early summer hit MIIB aka MEN IN BLACK 2, on November 26. The film will be released in separate Fullscreen and Widescreen editions with comparable extras including Director commentary, several production and effects featurettes, an ‘Alien Broadcast’, an alternate ending, gag reel and trailers.

Also from Buena Vista on November 5 is THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS, the indie cult hit featuring Jodie Foster as a one-legged nun. Look for director commentary, deleted scenes, interviews and a look at the animated sequences with artist Todd McFarlane.

Fans of Paramount’s STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION season by season box sets can rejoice.
Season 6 in the series will be released on December 3, and Season 7 is slated for December 31- both sets measuring 7 discs a piece.

Speaking of classic TV scifi – Warner Brothers will release BABYLON 5: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON on DVD on November 5, featuring all 22 episodes and commentary by J.Michael Straczynski.

Speaking of TV on DVD – Universal is planning to release some of it’s catalogued TV series to DVD.
BARETTA: SEASON ONE featuring all 13 original episodes will hit shelves October 29, as well as a special BEST OF BARETTA disc featuring the pilot and two other episodes.
Releases for other Universal series are in the works – including BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA, MAGNUM P.I. and LAW&ORDER.

Scifi fanboys can heave a sigh of relief. The long awaited region 1 DVD of Andrei Tarkovsky’s original version of SOLARIS is coming November 12th from the ultimate DVD production house – Criterion.
A new Anamorphic widescreen transfer and the original russian mono soundtrack will fill out the presentation – with extras to include deleted scenes, an audio essay, video interviews with cast and crew, and portions of an original do*censored*entary on the film.

On the subject of Andrei Tarkovsky…
Image Entertainment has a large October slate, including a 2-disc version of Tarkovsky’s 1979 film STALKER on October 15. Also on the list – Giuliano Montaldo’s 1967 caper film GRAND SLAM and Sergio Sollima’s REVOLVER on October 1; Roberto Rosselini’s classic 1947 film GERMANY YEAR ZERO and Samuel Fuller’s STREET OF NO RETURN on October 8; and finally, a double feature disc of V.I. Pudovkin classics THE END OF ST.PETERSBURG and DESERTER along with the trailer collection ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! On October 15.

New Line is preparing their soon to be released JASON X and JASON GOES TO HELL sets.
JASON X will be a Platinum Series release, featuring a widescreen transfer, 5.1 DDS and DTS soundtracks, theatrical trailer, animated menus, commentary by director, writer and producer, as well as 2 dcoumentaries. THE MANY LIVES OF JASON VOORHEES examines the history of the character and the mythology of the FRIDAY THE 13TH series. THE MAKING OF JASON X, is just that, a making-of do*censored*entary. Also look for the ‘Jump to a Death’ feature featuring ‘Random Kill’ and ‘Kill All’ buttons, as well as trailers for other horror films in the New Line library.

JASON GOES TO HELL is a much leaner set, although it features Fullscreen and Widescreen versions of the Rated and Unrated cuts of the film. 5.1 DDS sound as well as commentary by the writer and director as well as a trailer and the ‘Jump to a Death’ feature.

Look for disc art and menu shots from the JASON’s in the COVERS section of our DVD FORUMS…

Columbia Tristar will release two early 90’s catalogue films, RETURN TO THE BLUE LAGOON and TOY SOLDIERS on November 5th

Also look for German comedy WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF FIRE on November 12, SUNSHINE STATE and 13 CONVERSATIONS ABOUT 1 THING and the Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor comedy ANOTHER YOU on November 19.

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